Enhanced Athlete Fat Burning Cream - The Best Fat Loss Cream for Burning Off Stubborn Fat in Tough Areas like the Abdomen, Buttocks, and Waist - Lose Weight and Look Leaner

4oz of Fat Burning, Skin Tightening, Slimming Cream. New 4oz Pump Top Bottle. Look at the label of any competing Fat Loss or Burning Cream. You will notice a long list of toxic fillers and preservatives and a tiny amount of maybe one or two fat burning compounds. Enhanced Athlete found this misleading and disturbing and in 2012 began research and formulation of prototypes. Finally now in 2016 the first commercially available version of the perfected prototype is made available to the public. As seen on the ingredient label, the most known toxic substances were removed and replaced with healthier alternatives. Further, less toxic substances made more room for more active ingredients. There is simply no other Fat Burning Cream with as many and as much active fat burning ingredients. This is because Enhanced Athlete Fat Burning Cream was created not to make profit, but instead to make a product available to the public with a formula that has been used and tested by competition bodybuilders and physique models as being the only real effective topical product to remove the last bit of stubborn fat hiding the abs and other stubborn areas.
Dimensions: 80 x 200 x 660
Package quantity: 1

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