Skinny Mini Clinical Strength Detoxifying Fat Burner for Women • Targets Belly Fat • Powerful Anti-Aging Antioxidants • Boosts Mood • Tighten and Tones Naturally

SkinnyMINI is the first 100% female-specific health and weight loss solution fat burners that provides all the benefits of a weight loss and diet aid along with the rejuvenating and cleansing effects of a powerful detoxification supplement all in one convenient and cost-­-effective package. Ladies, gone are the days of requiring a plethora of products to manage your weight and health needs.* SkinnyMINI is the result of 9 years of concentrated clinical research dedicated to the formulation of a precise ratio of ingredients that serve the metabolism, mood, energy, focus and detoxification needs of todays modern hardworking woman. Ladies, lets be honest the never ending day-­to-day demands and to­-do's make it tough to squeeze in some quality "you time". SkinnyMINI is a powerful tool that can help reduce your appetite and stop food cravings, while elevating your mood and focus all on the fly. Even if your day is busy, SkinnyMINI will always be hard at work for you.* Are you stressed out and beginning to feel the nasty effects? Is sluggishness, lethargy, difficulty concentrating and weight gain starting to set in? SkinnyMINI has a powerful antioxidant and micro-nutritional blend built in to fight the effects of stress and cortisol (stress hormone) build up in the body and will help cleanse and purify you while gently raising your metabolism and mood.* You're a strong, sexy, confidant woman. Put SkinnyMINI to work for you and feel the difference today!
Dimensions: 181 x 201 x 520
Color: Pink, purple, white, black, blue, teal
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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