Dr. David Williams' Royal Bee-12 Energizer Energy Supplement Provides Lasting Energy, 30 Capsules (30-Day Supply)

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One of the keys to lasting energy is helping your body deal with stress, whether physical or mental. First you get vitamin B12 because no energy formula would be complete without this key ingredient. The high quality form in Royal Bee-12 Energy is methylcobalamin, a more bioavailable form for energy and mood. You also get the queen bee's secret for vast energy and strength-royal jelly. It contains pantothenic acid-which is necessary for producing energy from fats and carbohydrates. Royal jelly is a food queen bees thrive on and it helps promote their longevity. Queen bees start out genetically the same as worker bees. Once a bee has been designated as the queen, a group of nurse bees produce royal jelly and feed it directly to the developing queen. The queen is then transformed into a larger, superior bee. Royal Bee includes 100 mg of a safe, high-quality royal jelly extract called ProfileProven Royal Jelly. You also get the Siberian herb, Rhodiola rosea to help boost both your physical and mental energy. Mental energy is equally as important as physical energy-your mind needs to be awake and alert. It also helps maintain a proper balance of stress hormones and neurotransmitters. At least 15 human studies suggest that Rhodiola rosea helps combat fatigue, increase energy, reduce irritability, and enhance work productivity. You get 300 mg of Rhodiola rosea in Royal Bee-12 Energy. And to round out the formula, you get MicroActive CoQ10, a more bioavailable CoQ10 to fuel your cells and body. It's is the only CoQ10 shown in human clinical studies to significantly increase CoQ10 levels and keep them raised for 24 hours. When you balance your body's response to stress, you will have steady, long lasting energy. That's what you'll get with Royal Bee-12 Energy.
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