TEACRINE | Theacrine 100% Pure Bulk Powder | 100 Servings | New Stimulant Great for Energy Endurance Stamina & Focus

TeaCrine® is a patent-pending compound containing pure theacrine, which can be found in natural sources such as the Camellia assamica var.kucha tealeaf, coffee and certain exotic fruits. A nature-identical compound, TeaCrine ® delivers energy, mental clarity, and improved motivation and mood. It does not increase heart rate or blood pressure and is not technically a stimulant.* TeaCrine® has a multi-pronged effect that is ideal for demanding athletes, driven professionals, gamers and anyone striving to attain peak performance. Based on preclinical and human clinical research, TeaCrine® facilitates a wide range of healthy functions in energy, focus, mood and motivation.*
Dimensions: 20 x 350 x 550
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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