Mental Mojo Fruit Punch: Rocket Fuel For Your Brain.

PATENT-PENDING COGNITION COMPLEX: Is your mind a sponge thirsting for knowledge? HUPERZINE A makes it more absorbent by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, the brain's food for thought PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE boosts attention, learning and retention by adding fuel (acetylcholine) to the cognitive fire L-TYROSINE elevates alertness and mood. Who doesn't want a little pep in the cognitive step? ALPHA GPC keeps the cognitive fire raging by further boosting attention and retention - - ACETYL-L-CARNITINE enhances energy while attacking toxic fatty acids that accumulate in the mitochondria VINPOCETINE pumps your brain up by increasing cerebral blood flow and oxygen delivery; fosters laser-like focus and catalyzes the delivery of Mental Mojo's other brain vitamins. Find out why Nootropic Drinks Review rated Mental Mojo the #1 powdered nootropic blend on the market!
Dimensions: 110 x 380 x 430
Color: Green Genius
Package quantity: 10
Condition: New

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