Kaged Muscle Hydra-Charge, Fruit Punch, 282 Gram

Kaged Muscle's Hydra-Charge Premium Electrolyte Hydration and Workout Defense Powder is an essential supplement for high intensity athletes. Micropure formula contains 5 essential electrolytes from tender coconut water, supporting hydration and the body's natural defense before, during, and after high intensity training. Powder is scientifically balanced to support antioxidant potential through Spectra, a unique blend of fruits, vegetable, and herb extracts and concentrates. Sugar free fruit punch flavor tastes amazing, and is free from any artificial flavors or colors. Perfect for incorporating into a wide range of pre-workout, pre-intra, or post-workout stacks. Taurine prevents muscle fatigue and delivers hyper hydration, helping the body stay hydrated for extended periods of time even in hot and humid environments. Each serving contains: 10 Calories, 2 g of Carbs, 37 mg of Calcium, 37 mg of Phosphorus, 15 mg of Magnesium, 105 mg of Sodium, 45 mg of Potassium, 1 g of Taurine, 500 mg of Coconut Water Powder, and 100 mg of Spectra Total ORAC Blend. Kris Gethin, CEO and founder of Kaged Muscle, has developed a complete line of premium sports nutrition supplements that are backed by extensive research and development. He has gym tested and approved every Kaged Muscle capsule and powder himself. Every product has its own innovative formulation that incorporates first-class ingredients from around the world, guaranteed potency, BSCG certified, and free of banned substances. Kaged Muscle's manufacturers commit to strict ethical and environmental standards, ensuring our ingredients are manufactured with care. Premium ingredients ensure premium results. Science. Innovation. Performance.
Dimensions: 370 x 370 x 580
Size: 60 Servings
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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