Gladiator Stack (TridenosenH & Mesobolin) Users Report Ridiculous, Brute Strength & Insane Endurance

THE ONLY STACK YOU NEED FOR BRUTAL STRENGTH AND WICKED ENDURANCE! Product #1 - TridenosenH Tri H is one of the few orally delivered ATP compounds on the market. It's used in Australia to "power" 1,200 pound race horses who run 40 mph and it is HOT! Reported by users to create insane boosts of power, strength and endurance, ATP is the actual chemical energy substance your muscles need to function. ATP is actually the "by-product" of used creatine. However, taking creatine to get ATP is a rather roundabout way, because the creatine monohydrate (which is what everyone takes) has to be converted to creatine phosphate... which is then converted to ATP. Product #2 - Mesobolin Mesobolin is the Russian "SECRET WEAPON" For Superhero Strength! A lot of guys turn to Illegal anabolic steroids to pack on mass fast - but they have nasty side effects. A New Generation Of Bodybuilders Believe Natural Anabolics Work BETTER Than Illegal Steroids! Researchers believe key ingredients in Mesobolin may be potent "natural steroids" that send chemical messages to your muscles to GROW BIGGER and work by telling your body to "direct" the protein and carbs you eat to your muscles, not to your fat. If you want to pack on slabs of rock-hard, striated muscle... if you're serious about adding 10 to 20 pounds of REAL muscle... we believe Mesobolin, along with a clean diet and hard work in the gym, is an absolute must!
Dimensions: 50 x 130 x 1040
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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