EMPACT BARS Amazons #1 Ranked All Natural, NON-GMO, Gluten FREE Protein and Energy BAR for Women: Dream Team Variety Box

Amazons #1 Ranked All Natural, NON GMO, Gluten FREE Protein and Energy BAR for Women: Dream Team Variety Box EMPOWERING THE LADIES At EM+PACT, we're all about fueling ambitious go-getters who are set on making a mark. It's our goal to inspire healthy choices and make an impact on the lives of women everywhere, helping you find the best version of yourself along the way. LADIES, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU At EM+PACT, we believe empowering women makes the world a better place, and this belief permeates everything we do. From our ingredients and core values, to the way we structure our business, it's our goal to be intentional about appreciating, recognizing, and taking into account what women want and need. ✓ Pecans give a buttery taste loaded with protein and good fats for a far superior choice than any other grab-and-go protein bar. ✓ Coconut oil stabilizes blood sugar and improves digestion. Shredded coconut boosts metabolism, raw almonds add healthy fats and magnesium. Dates supply instant energy from sugars our body can easily process! What you put into your body has never been more critical! ✓ Fiber-ful, satisfying crunch of white chia and organic golden flax. Whey protein isolate keeps those long-lean muscles in tip-top shape. Women are finally discovering the advantage to eating clean, that they feel better, have a clearer head, greater focus and stamina to meet all their demands. ✓ Michigan Tart Cherries reduce inflammation, aches and muscle fatigue, Dates supply instant natural energy our body can process, but with no crash afterwards! ✓ Rich Cocoa powder improves memory, crunchy Cacao Nibs increase focus. Never before has sharpening your senses resulted in such delicious results.
Dimensions: 220 x 520 x 560
Package quantity: 10
Condition: New

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