Metabolism vitamins - HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 - Metabolism booster for weight loss - 6 Bottles 720 Capsules

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Metabolism vitamins - HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 - Metabolism booster for weight loss - 6 Bottles 720 Capsules HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 - FIRST AND FOREMOST: The best-known herb for the heart and chest pain in western herbalism is hawthorn. The comely hawthorn is a dense tree with small, sharp thorns growing to 25 feet. It has small strong-smelling white flowers with rose-like petals and bright red berries containing one or two large seeds. Hawthorns are native to Europe, North America and Asia. In both the East and West, hawthorn has been used for millennia as both a food and a medicine. HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 - DIGESTION RELAXANT: May be very beneficial for the digestive system due to the relaxant action possessed by the hawthorn leaves, flowers and berries. At the same time, it might be helpful in relieving abdominal distension and in the dealing with of stagnation of food in the intestinal tract. HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 - STRESS RELIEF: May have an effective relaxing effect on the functioning of the nervous system. Clinical researches suggest that Hawthorn may aid in relieving excessive stress and anxiety, calming agitation, lessening restlessness and reducing palpitations. The herb also may induce sleepiness in people who find it difficult to sleep. HAWTHORN EXTRACT 665 - DIURETIC and WOMEN'S HEALTH SUPPORTER: May also have a diuretic action on the body. It is believed that hawthorn extract aids in relieving fluid retention in the body and helps dissolve deposits in kidneys. Some researches suggest that the herb is helpful to women who are going through the physical change of menopause. They might find relief from hot flashes with hawthorn extract to help them sleep better and remain comfortable throughout the day.
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