Beast Sports Nutrition, Amphetalean Thermogenic Energy Powder, Orange Cooler, 7.93 Ounce

Amphetalean powder is a strong energy formula that gives you a boost and keeps your energy level constant during your training or workout. While elevating your energy levels, amphetalean powder also helps your mind focus and promotes weight loss. Thiamine and niacin are key vitamins that are combined with caffeine to power your body throughout your workout. To support a healthy metabolism, amphetalean powder has the perfect blend of razberi-k, evodiamine, hordenine and camp to elevate your body's temperature which allows you to burn extra calories and fat. Amphetalean powder is formulated with beta pea, gingko biloba, and dmae. Together, they act as a mild stimulant to help keep your mind sharp, focused, and on task.
Dimensions: 370 x 390 x 430
Size: 45 Servings
Package quantity: 1

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