Reaction Nutrition Recor Pre Action Active Pre-Workout Formula, Sky Burst, 336 Gram

Pre Action increase focus and performance while building lean muscle mass and burning fat and it has 2 primary formulas that place it above and beyond other pre-workout products. A bad workout is better than no workout at all but why have a bad workout when you have pre action that can help you perform at your highest potential. It's Amino Performance Blend and Intense Energy Matrix is beneficial for increased focus and performance while building lean muscle mass and utilize fat for energy. The science behind this formulas combination is ideal for a wide spectrum of athletes to enhanced physical performance. Amino Performance Blend helps provide energy and essential amino acids to your muscles during a workout and enables you to increase your endurance without the use of protein as a fuel source making your body more prone to utilize stored lipids. Helping you avoid dehydration and make you feel less fatigued while also building and maintain lean muscle mass. Intense Energy Matrix allows the body to gain more energy and focus while helping your body burn fat during your workout. Providing 500 mg of chlorine tartrate to promote better mental performance and memory. The other key ingredient is caffeine anhydrous, meaning dehydrated caffeine. Since caffeine is a central nervous system stimulate (meaning it increases alertness, energy metabolism and decrease fatigue), it has been a huge asset in the use of extended, exhaustive exercises.
Dimensions: 460 x 510 x 540
Size: 40 servings
Color: White/Orange
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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