WOD Nation IGNITE Pre Workout Supplement - Quick CLEAN Energy & Sustained Endurance - Creatine Free - No Proprietary Blends - 300 Grams Powder - Tart Raspberry Lemonade

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Finally an honest pre workout supplement that provides everything you need for a great workout and nothing you don't!Most other pre workout drink powders are loaded with sweeteners and chemicals are only in there to make it taste like a kids drink box. IGNITE has a TART raspberry lemonade flavor because sugar is just not necessary before a workout. This is no kids drink! Feel free to add your own sweetner if needed.IGNITE was designed by a naturopath doctor for athletes that care about what goes into their body. Just look at the list of ingredients. You'll see exactly what you're taking in the exact amounts. No hiding behind proprietary blends.[Vitamin B1 - Thiamin] : Involved with circulation, blood formation, carbohydrate metabolism, production of hydrochloric (stomach) acid, and brain activity.[Vitamin B3 - Niacin] : Supports mental sharpness[Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic Acid] - Pantothenic Acid plays an important role in energy storage and release and provides nutritive support for the metabolism of carbohydrates proteins and fats[Vitamin B6] : Reduces inflammation to speed muscle recovery[Vitamin B12] - Improves energy; supports cardiovascular health[L-Methylfolate Calcium (5-MTHF)] : Increase energy and serotonin levels[L-Citruline Malate] : Increases ATP synsthesis and PCr resynthesis; delays muscular fatigue[L-Arginine AKG] : Increases nitric oxide and vasodilation; increases protein synthesis.[Beta-Alanine] : Increases muscle strength and muscle power output[Taurine] : Improves energy, insulin mimetic; antioxidant[Coconut Water] : Hydration booster[L-Carnitine] : Antioxidant; enhances weight loss and endurance performance[L-Tyrosine] : Increases mental acuity, energy, and mood[Green Tea Caffeine] : Increases thermogenesis, lipolysis, and endurance performance[Beet Root Powder] : Supports natural NO2 production[Huperzine A] : Supports mental sharpness
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Size: 30 Day Servings
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