First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot Mixed 6 Pack of Vanilla, Wild Berry and Kona Mocha

First Endurance is proud to introduce the highly anticipated EFS Liquid Shot at Interbike on September 23, 2008. The EFS Liquid Shot has been in development for two years and is the result of collaboration between First Endurance athletes, customers, retailers, and the First Endurance Research and Development team. UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE "The EFS Liquid Shot is actually a long-time coming" said Robert Kunz, VP of Research & Development at First Endurance. "We've been researching the gel market for a six years now. The dilemma for us, though, was that our sponsored athletes wanted us to develop other products first. Since First Endurance started back in 2002 we've been looking at the gel delivery system, knowing we'd eventually develop our own version. This year, we had an overwhelming number of requests from our athletes, retailers and customers to develop a special 'gel'. Because we had been looking at gels for a quite a while and our athletes have been giving us tons of great input and feedback, our research and development team had accumulated a lot valuable knowledge and were able to develop something really unique. Not just a "me too" product, but a dramatic step up from a formula and packaging standpoint."
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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