NutriGardens® BeetBoost® Natural Energy Drink Mix (10-Servings)

BEET BOOST Stamina is for every athlete, active woman or man and anyone who wants to fuel a healthy lifestyle, but can't find food-for-energy without sugar. BEET BOOST is the first 100% pure beet and tart cherry juice powder blend. Nitrates in beets dilate blood vessels and help blood flow,reduce blood pressure and improve mental clarity. Tart cherry is nature's ibuprofen, which reduces inflammation and helps joint and muscle pain. Here's a huge problem we all face: It's the sugary energy products that headline with sugar and lack any health benefits. Or other beet products that don't contain real tart cherries to boost N-O (nitric oxide). You want to become more energetic and improve your joint health for greater flexibility and mobility. You won't make any health or sports performance improvement consuming additives. If you truly want to fuel a healthy lifestyle, but can't find natural source without added sugar, "BEET BOOST" for Stamina isthe answer you've been looking for! The BEET BOOST beet and tart cherry blend serves as a double-edged sword for powering sport performance and recovery. Don't miss this opportunity to feel confident like an Olympian with our BeetBoost Stamina! - Order Now!
Dimensions: 190 x 370 x 500
Size: 4 ounces
Color: Red
Package quantity: 10
Condition: New

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