NutraBio CarboMax Maltodextrin - NON-GMO - Unflavored -5 Pounds

NutraBio's CarboMax is a source of pure complex carbohydrates increases energy levels during exercise and aids in post workout recovery. CarboMax is made from LCPF-50 (long-chain polymetric fraction) maltodextrin for quick and sustained energy. CarboMax contains complex glucose polymers that are metabolized at a slow, steady rate in a time released fashion making it the smartest choice for athletes who want to increase muscle endurance and mass without the complications of simple sugars. CarboMax can be used for pre-workout energy, post workout recovery, carb loading, or can be added to your favorite protein to create the perfect MRP to your own specifications.
Dimensions: 730 x 800 x 1110
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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