Myoshred (60 Caps) - Top Diet Pill and Thermogenic for Men - Diet and Muscles Supplement

Getting shredded is an art and a science It requires a fine balance of dropping unwanted weight and muscle gain. Finding that balance is now easier than ever. Introducing MyoShred ... a 2-in-1 thermogenic for men that not is a supplement designed for weight loss but also a testosterone supplement. ANYTHING BUT YOUR TYPICAL THERMOGENIC... If you're tired of high doses of arbitrary stimulants that keep you up at night, you're going to love MyoShred. It only contains one stimulant: caffeine anhydrous. If you're tired of diets stripping your hard-earned muscle, you're going to love Myoshred. It contains Fenugreek Extract. If you're tired of ingredients that "may or may not work", you're going to love MyoShred. Picking the product full of the power and strength needed to fight off the extra weight that clings to your body can be extremely hard to do when you are constantly bombarded with product after product full of questionable claims. Don't give in to the noise and face the actual facts. MyoShred is the perfect product designed with weight loss and fitness goals in mind. Myoshred should be combined with a Healthy Diet and Exercise to achieve desired weight loss goals.
Dimensions: 190 x 220 x 390
Size: 1 Pack
Condition: New

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