KTA Pre Workout with HyperBoost for Big Gains, Huge Pumps, Muscle and Strength, KTA Pre Workout has 6 Trademarked Ingredients for Intensity, Ultimate Gains, Stamina, and Power, Blue Raz 30 Servings

UNMATCHED BY ANY PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT POWDER ..And We'll Prove It...READ MORE... - 6, PATENTED & TRADEMARKED INGREDIENTS also including L-Citrulline @ 2:1 & Creatine Monohydrate + 7 mg of BCAA's and Just The Right Amount of Caffeine - Better nutrient Bio-Availability (less waste) - Faster uptake (faster access to needed nutrients - when you need them) - Longer half-life (remains in your system longer) - "Form-Follows-Function". Our products are created to have significant benefit as a standalone and also demonstrate high synergy with our other products. - CLINICAL DOSAGE: Our formula's contain certain natural ingredients that are clinically dosed and backed by clinical studies to provide you the best results possible. If you take a product with ingredients from the last decade in those same "Rinse & Repeat" formulas out there then you are missing out. Today's technology and current research have taken things to an entirely new level. You as a customer should demand that same new standard and higher level of expectation in your sports supplements. Peak Fit Labs manufactures sports supplements that include the most cutting edge and top industry ingredients. - lessor formulas can be depleted and removed from your system faster. They can also take twice as long for the up-take to happen and lose up-to 1/2 during conversion in the body thus making those nutrients you need unavailable for your workouts - That is a waste of your TIME, MONEY and EFFORT. Our products are designed with ingredients that last as long as possible in your body, convert in the system better/ faster and that are more effective at achieving the actual desired outcome. Directions: Mix one level scoop with 8oz. of water and drink immediately 30 to 45 minutes prior to training.
Dimensions: 400 x 410 x 520
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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