Kraken Pre Workout

Experience the year's hottest Pre-Workout. KRAKEN has been the most talked about Pre-Workout supplement with users raving about the incredible energy, tunnel-vision focus and performance benefits. Did we mention our world class and industry leading flavoring and taste? KRAKEN comes in many delicious flavors: Sex on the Beach, Watermelon Rancher, Sour Gummy Bear, Bombsicle, Cotton Candy and Rainbow Candy! Don't believe us? Check out supplement review sites such as Stack3d and PricePlow - all of whom have raved about KRAKEN Unlike other Pre-Workouts rely solely on caffeine to provide energy, KRAKEN features multiple stimulants and nootropics carefully crafted to provide maximum energy and an super charged cognitive experience. KRAKEN will bring the mind-muscle connection to another level. Included are large doses of L-Citrulline, HydroMax, and Taurine in order to boost Nitric Oxide levels which provide enhanced blood flow to your muscles. A more full muscle can experience skin tearing pumps and better nutrient utilization for growth. We're not hiding any under-dosed ingredients by disclosing the dosage of every ingredient in KRAKEN. Stop buying Pre-Workouts that are hiding behind prop blends to cut cost. We at Sparta Nutrition believe you deserve to know exactly is going into your body. Each Lot is tested rigorously to ensure label claims are met, purity is achieved, and quality is never in doubt. We demand perfection when our products are created - Absolutely no corners are cut. Sparta Nutrition: Seize Your Glory.
Dimensions: 358 x 358 x 429
Color: Sex on the Beach
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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