PROMIX #1 ORGANIC: 100% Lean Muscle Fuel / Proven Intra-workout Glycogen Pump Igniter / More Reps+Power / Lean Muscle / 4 LB Bulk-73 svg /Paleo / Gluten-Free / Non-GMO / Vegan / 3rd Party Testing GMP

SCIENCE DRIVEN PROMIX is proud to offer science driven workout supplements like this Pre and Intra Workout Muscle Fuel. Formulated by University of Florida exercise physiologists, PROMIX Muscle Fuel is the most scientifically advanced pre and intra workout supplement for high intensity competition and training whether you are a marathon runner, triathlete or bodybuilder. FAST ABSORPTION PROMIX Muscle Fuel was designed to meet the demands of professional athletes who require rapid assimilation and replenishment of carbohydrate stores in an electrolyte balanced non­bloating formula. With quick absorption and finely tuned electrolyte balance, you can give your body an energy boost before working out without feeling weighed down by a meal. SYNERGISTIC UPTAKE A combination of short and long chain hydrolyzed organic carbohydrates-Dextrose and Maltodextrin-eliminate bloating while pure himalayan pink salt replenishes sodium levels and balances the body's sodium to potassium ratio. The result is an immediate increase in energy resources for better athletic performance. HIGHER STANDARDS PROMIX has higher standards on supplement quality than other supplemental energy drinks. With third party independent testing of our complex carbs and only real organic ingredients, there's no question that PROMIX is the best option when it comes to quality. Our powder mix does not include so­called "natural" flavors, just pure organic ingredients. 60 TRACE MINERALS Electrolytes magnesium and calcium work to keep muscles from cramping with the added benefit of supporting adrenal and thyroid function in both men and women. Whether you're competing in an athletic competition or building for muscle strength, mass and stamina, Muscle Fuel can help to improve your performance. ­ PROMIX Muscle Fuel ­ Hydrolyzed Carbohydrates & Pure Himalayan Pink Salt ­ 0.4lbs ­ Unflavored
Dimensions: 530 x 580 x 1000
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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