NDS LipoRish DS2

Maximum Energy/Weight Loss. LipoRUSH® DS2's Lipo|Burn Blend is a high octane and super concentrated thermogenic formula fueled for maximum daily energy levels and a superior spark for thermogenesis. This fat incinerating blend includes an intensely-felt energy blend, which features 300 mg of Caffeine, is enhanced now with KINETIQTM, and still includes Dendrobium and Yohimbe to spark the inferno and metabolize/burn fat.* It's so strong you only need one capsule a day! Nutrient Partitioning: LipoRUSH® DS2 is also uniquely equipped with a high potency, cutting-edge thermogenic ingredient in C3G, which uniquely supports "Nutrient Partitioning" (the shuttling of nutrients away from fat cells and into muscle). C3G is a highly advanced ingredient that not only helps drive the fat loss process, but also diverts nutrients like fat and carbs from being stored as fat to being stored in the muscle.* This process is what contributes to "muscle hardening". Use LipoRUSH® DS2 to transform your body by losing fat and ensuring your muscles are hard and lean!* Advanced Diuretic Function. Key ingredients in LipoRUSH® DS2's Water|Shred Blend helps rid excess water from your system, leaving you with a leaner, more defined look.* Razor-Sharp Focus. LipoRUSH® DS2's Neuro|Recovery Blend helps generate a greater sense of alertness and a stronger concentration to keep you functioning longer at your peak levels throughout the day.* Healthy Adrenal Function. Specific ingredients are included in LipoRUSH® DS2 because of their advantageous ability to support natural and healthy adrenal gland function.* Strong Appetite Control. LipoRUSH® DS2's formula includes ingredients known to helps support satiety, or the feeling of fullness, which helps to keep your daily caloric intake low.* Muscle-Sparring Amino Acids Blend: LipoRUSH® DS2 includes a healthy dose of essential amino acids to support and maintain the lean muscle gained from a healthy diet and exercise.*
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