Highest Grade 20% Pure Forskolin Natural Weight Loss Diet Pill - Appetite Suppressor + Metabolism Booster + Carb & Fat Blocker - Increases Energy - Powerful Antioxidant - Menopause Support - 100% Safe

Our Premium Forskolin is packed in a 250 mg capsule which is the recommended maximum strength for appetite suppressant and weight loss. For best results, take 1 capsule with a glass of water in the morning and always use in conjunction with a healthy diet plan and exercise program. Use continuously to enjoy the full benefit of this natural weight loss supplementFor women who want to control weight and lose those nasty pounds, you won't need to go on yo-yo diets or feel like you are on a roller coaster weight loss program. Eat healthily, exercise regularly and continue with Aura Naturel's Premium Forskolin. With continued use, you will notice you are not adding on more pounds and you'll start getting better skin and healthier hair. If you are going through the menopause or suffering from menstrual cramps, our Forskolin will helpFor guys who are looking for lean muscle, take the Forskolin regularly. It will burn your stored fat and boost testosterone, giving you leaner muscle provided you follow healthy eating and reasonable weight training goalsIt really works! Our Premium Forskolin will work with your body and helps with other common illnesses whether its blood sugar, blood pressure, respiratory or matters of the heart. As with any other herbal supplement, it may take time for you to see any difference but this doesn't mean the Forskolin isn't working inside your body. We know it works - if there is absolutely no change in your body, we will give your money back!!! One FREE COOLING TOWEL per customer - limited time only CLICK ADD TO CART FOR A NEWER YOU!
Dimensions: 190 x 230 x 420
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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