Naturo Nitro, BCAA Instantized Powder, Best Branched Chain Amino Acids, 28 Servings, 5.5g Per Serving, Lemon Lime Flavor ...

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ATLAS BCAA POWDER: GREAT TASTING BCAA FOR OPTIMAL PROTEIN SYNTHESIS! Do you love tough workouts, whether endurance training, weightlifting or cross fit, and would like a premium supplement to support lean mass growth? Rather than harsh tasting BCAA supplements, would you like a quickly absorbed BCAA powder with a great taste? If so, Naturo Sciences Atlas BCAA Powder is the perfect BCAA powder for you! Providing branch-chained Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in an optimal ratio in every serving, our BCAA powder is ideal for pre and post workout nutrition to help prevent muscle breakdown during the most intense exercise and workouts, and helping increase protein synthesis in the muscle for faster recovery and lean mass gains! Unlike large, hard to consume tablets and harsh tasting BCAA supplements, our BCAA is provided in a premium quality, quickly absorbed powder, perfect for adding to juices, waters or shakes, and is gently flavoured with Lemon-Lime eliminating any harsh or sour tastes as with plain BCAA powders, for the most versatile BCAA supplement on the market! Our Atlas BCAA is a premium BCAA supplement with a number of key benefits: ¥Helps prevent muscle breakdown during tough workouts. ¥Increases protein synthesis, ideal for weight training. ¥Includes Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in the optimal ratio for lean mass growth. ¥Ideal for pre or post workout nutrition. ¥Great tasting lemon-lime flavor, no harsh BCAA taste. If you 're tired of cheap BCAA tablets and harsh tasting BCAA powders, and would like a premium BCAA supplement with essential branched chain amino acids to support muscle growth and performance, our Atlas BCAA is perfect!
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