Pure Grassfed U.S.A. Beef Jerky Snack Sticks - 25 pack Assorted | Grass Fed | Gluten Free | No Antibiotics | No Hormones | No Nitrates

I started with a humble goal - support grassfed American beef farmers by bringing products made with their quality beef to a large market. When you buy BLAISTIX, that is exactly what you are helping me do just that. BLAISTIX is the ONLY Non-GMO domestic Grass Fed Beef born and bred in the USA. Just because a brand includes a state name like Texas or New Mexico or Vermont the beef in those sticks is coming from Canada or Australia. If you are a fan of beef bone broth, paleovalley snacks, gluten free food and low-calorie snacks, you've found what you've been looking for. I make no scurrilous claims and state no inflated benefits on my label.I could pay a lot of money for Whole30 - Gluten Free - Non-GMO - Certified Organic - certifications. I choose to spend my time and money sourcing high quality American grass fed beef (naturally gluten-free and Non-GMO) and seasoning (much of which is already organic.) Big companies fight certain labeling and it leaves the impression that these demands are hurting 'Big Ag.' They are not. 'Big Ag' finds these demands simply a nuisance. They lobby against these demands because they already have paid lobbyists in place fighting for legislation much more important to them. In the end, they will roll over on labeling demands and it will cost them nothing. However, the small entrepreneurs and the small farmers and seasoning companies are significantly disproportionately affected financially by new rules that come down the pike. So while you think you're helping the 'small guy', you're just building bigger barriers between the 'small guy' and the larger market place. Thus ends my rant. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - If you are disappointed in your BLAISTIX experience, let me know. If the BLAISTIX experience lives up to your expectations, I'd like to hear about that, too. In the end, you are my only gauge. I appreciate your help. Blaise
Dimensions: 20 x 330 x 1080
Size: 25 Pack
Package quantity: 25
Condition: New

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