MUSCLEMAXX MASS GAINER, 56g Muscle Building Protein per Serving, Chocolate Fudge Flavor Dietary Supplement, 12 lbs

MUSCLEMAXX Mass Gainer has arrived. With a massive 1326 calories and 56g of protein in every serving, you will pack on mass like never before. 4 blends provide you with fast and slow protein delivery. Carbohydrates are the key to driving rapid muscle gains quickly. MUSCLEMAXX Mass gainer provides a whopping 253 g of 3 forms of carbs to fuel your gains and performance in the gym.Creatine is widely considered to be the most effective strength and size building supplement know to sports nutriti
Dimensions: 677 x 984 x 1110
Size: 12lbs
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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