MITO-TONIC Energy Drink-Mix 225 Gram Jar

Scientifically Formulated Mito Tonic® with Patented CoQ10 is an Advanced Mitochondrial Cocktail containing clinically relevant dosages of Creatine, D-Ribose, L-Carnitine, Bio-Enhanced Coenzyme Q10 and more to help support: ● Enhanced Mitochondrial Function ● Increased Cellular Energy ● Improved Cardiac Function Mito-Tonic® Provides Essential Nutritional Support: D-Ribose: Required for the body's manufacture of ATP; shown in published research to enhance mitochondrial energy production. Creatine: Plays a prominent role in the body's energy metabolism; shown in studies to enhance cellular energy production. Coenzyme Q10: Necessary for mitochondrial ATP synthesis; clinically shown to be an essential component of mitochondrial function. L-Carnitine: Acts to prolong mitochondrial membrane potential; shown in research to help convert fats into energy in the mitochondria. MitoTonic® For Your Good Health! IMPORTANT STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store Mito Tonic® in your refrigerator (NOT the Freezer - the refrigerator). Store jar tightly closed. Exclusively Formulated and Manufactured in US cGMP Certified Facility
Dimensions: 350 x 360 x 480
Color: Orange
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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