Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra Chocolate, 5lb

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra Chocolate 4 High quality proteins 11 High quality carbohydrates High potency Incredible taste Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is potent, creamy and ideal for hard-training natural athletes who want to gain lean weight (muscle) quickly and need a convenient, concentrated source of extra calories to help them do it.* Mass Maker Ultra contains ingredients that aid in weight gain and building muscle, helps to stabilize weight loss in hard-training athletes who aren't consuming enough calories, enhances recovery from training and enhances training performance (e.g. strength, power, and stamina).* Mass Maker Ultra is ideal for physique athletes (i.e. bodybuilding, figure, fitness, etc.), powerlifters, traditional sports athletes (i.e. football, basketball, wrestling, etc.) and any healthy man or woman who has difficulty gaining weight.
Dimensions: 760 x 770 x 1030
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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