Lean Monster Stack (Mesobolin, Androxybol & Lipotase) Users Report Ultra-Low Bodyfat PLUS Awesome Lean Mass Gains ★ Made in the USA - NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED - Results GUARANTEED!

Here's what is realistic. If you're training hard and smart... getting at least 200 grams of high-quality protein a day... and using a scientifically-proven muscle-building compound or stack... you CAN add a solid three pounds a month. And here's the kicker: You Can Do That Month After Month While Also Losing 3 Pounds Of Fat Per Month! The secret to this kind of continuous progress is to make sure that all of those grams of high-quality protein you're eating are converted into muscle, not fat. As one of the leading legal supplements for bodybuilding, researchers believe that the core ingredients may increase fat-burning enzymes, "burning" off excess fat while also potentially increasing lean muscle mass. Our shredder is believed to turn down the receptor affinity for estrogen overall. And when receptor affinity is turned down, your body may significantly increase your natural testosterone output - obviously zero doubt for why so many users feel it's the top supplements available. As the leader in a class of supplements known for power, intensity, and muscle recovery, our supplements will bring out your super-human!
Dimensions: 340 x 650 x 890
Condition: New

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