Liporidex PRE/T Pre Workout Supplement Powder. Build Muscle, Increase Performance and Energy. Beet Root and Agmatine for Extended Nitric Oxide Release. Fruit Berry Punch Flavor - 36 Servings

Liporidex PRE/T Pre Workout Energy Supplement Powder Intensify your training and Turbo Charge Your Results! What you do before your workout is critical to your training success. That's the time to prime your body for peak performance. Liporidex PRE/T is the scientifically formulated pre workout and thermogenic fat burner that synergizes key ingredients to deliver the energy needed to bring the greatest results without the post exercise crash. What makes PRE/T different is its focus on increasing performance and endurance without resorting to excessive doses of caffeine or other stimulants. It's more of a "PUMP" agent than simply "STIM". Precision engineered to aid in enhancing workouts at ANY time of the day, drawing on the Nitric Oxide boosting properties of agmatine and beet root extract to turbo charge your training while maximizing fat loss, PRE/T offers a total body approach that will: Enhance your focus Improve endurance Boost your metabolism Supercharge your energy Bolster your strength PRE/T's scientifically researched ingredients not only deliver the results you demand, but it combines mental energy and resilience, with a great tasting, jitter-free powder formula with tri-phasic physiologic effects on intracellular acid buffering and greater muscle perfusion by way of increased Nitric Oxide release. The result of years of scientific research, the formula's actions were proven to help increase performance and endurance while promoting fat loss. Experience the Liporidex difference . . . because your body deserves the best. FOR BEST RESULTS FOLLOW THE DOSING INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. Use 2 full scoop mixed with 8oz of water 30 minutes prior to exercise, or as needed. Adjust with water to taste.
Dimensions: 330 x 370 x 370
Size: 36 Scoops
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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