Champion Performance, Super Heavyweight, Chocolate Brownie flavor, 6.6 lbs

For those of us who burn calories like an inferno, or have an extraordinarily difficult time gaining and maintaining mass, Champion's R&D scientists formulated Super Heavyweight Gainer® 1200. Similar to its brother Heavyweight Gainer 900, it provides four pillars of mass-gaining support*: Fast-acting proteins: Double-filtered whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein concentrate, and egg albumen, help keep muscle protein synthesis in the fast lane.* Fuel-bearing carbs: Low-GI maltodextrin and modified food starch support the outer reaches of performance and prompt recovery of glycogen stores.* (One serving mixed with water supplies over 100 g of carbs, enough to recover approx. ¼ of your muscle glycogen stores.) Healthy fats: MCT, safflower, and canola provide energy-dense fuel and essential fatty acids to support overall health and anabolism.* 25 essential vitamins and minerals help your body convert the calories you eat into mass.* SMART TIP: Like Heavyweight Gainer, Super Heavyweight Gainer can be dressed up or down. Mix it with whole dairy milk to provide a full 1200 Calories, or simply add water to achieve nearly 900 Calories. You can also mix it with your favorite non-dairy milk, such as almond, coconut, rice, or cashew. Be creative! Gaining doesn't have to be boring. This product is made in Champion's own GMP-certified manufacturing facility right here in the USA. When you read our Supplement Facts panels, you know you're getting facts, not fiction. That's because each one has been verified by nutritional analysis performed by an independent laboratory.
Dimensions: 720 x 730 x 1120
Size: 6.6
Color: Chocolate Brownie
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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