E3 Energy Drink Mix

E3TM is a revolutionary, new, energy drink combining powerful nutritional "energizers." Each serving packet now with an amazing 1,000 mgs of pharmaceutical-grade L Carnitine And Loaded With B12. Each Box contains 30 convenient - single serving packets of E3 Energy Mix. Compare and discover why this is one of most cost-effective sources of L Carnitine on the market today at 30,000 mgs per 30 packet box. E3 is a revolutionary, new, energy drink combining powerful nutritional "energizers." At the heart of E3 is L Carnitine, a nutrient that is a catalyst for energy production at the cellular level. Unlike many fad drinks that bring you up with a lot of caffeine, sugar, or worse, E3 actually supplies your body with many of the nutrients it needs for vibrant energy levels. Plus the energy is designed to last all day! E3 contains: No ephedra No added caffeine No sugar No sodium Only 6.7 calories Less than 1 gram of carbohydrates E3 helps provide muscle energy and helps enhance brain clarity for hours; unlike many chemical type energy formulas which only give you a "rush" that is gone in 20 minutes, often leaving you feeling more tired than before you took the product. Whether you're an athlete or a professional on the go, you need to put back what the day takes out of you. E3 is formulated for all day energy! Experience it for yourself and feel the difference!
Dimensions: 290 x 380 x 500
Package quantity: 30
Condition: New

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