Mestrength Electrolyte Drink Mix - A Naturally Flavored, Sugar Free, Hydration Powder (Mixed Flavors, 30 Single Serve Stick Packs)

MESTRENGTH was created to address the fact that most sports and nutrition drinks on the market are full of calories, sugars, and artificial ingredients. Our naturally flavored sports drink mix is an Isotonic blend of 5 essential electrolytes for optimum hydration which is complemented with 5 grams of creatine for muscle performance and recovery. MESTRENGTH does not contain any calories, carbs, sugars, or unnecessary artificial ingredients. Why add creatine? Simple, it helps athletes at all levels across a range of sports. Your muscles need it, your body produces it, and it's one of the most widely studied nutritional supplements on the market. By adding just 5 grams creatine, MESTRENGTH helps you to maximize each workout and minimize muscle soreness, without producing the muscle "bulk" typically associated with creatine. Simply open a prepackaged stick pack, mix it into your water bottle and go do what you love. Whether that's to go run, bike, swim (sometimes all three), strength train, practice yoga, or visit a bar/barre studio (the list could go on), MESTRENGTH works well before, during or after your workout. Just like the water (or sports drink) you've been using, there's no need to change up your routine. MESTRENGTH is Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free.
Dimensions: 290 x 560 x 600
Size: 30 Single Serve Stick Packs
Color: Mixed Flavors
Package quantity: 1

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