Citrus Lean Professional Quality Fat Burner by BalanceDiet with 4 Trademarked Fat Melting Ingredients

BalanceDiet #18 Citrus Lean is a top quality fat burner which includes a combination of 4 trademarked and patented fat burning ingredients. This product is designed for the serious dieter, athlete, or fitness competitor. This best selling product features an Exclusive Blend of Highly Effective Fat Melters, without jitters. Use Citrus Lean daily to:• Raise metabolic rate• Suppress Appetite (Curb Cravings)• Inhibit the depositing of fat• Promote fat release and breakdown • Make it harder for fat cells to multiply• Decrease the amount of fat that fat cells pick up from the bloodstream• Helps to burn stored fat rapidly• Enhance EnergySignature Ingredients: Citrus Lean by BalanceDiet contains 5 signature fat burning ingredients working in tandem, including: • Chromium ZychromeTM Brand• MeratrimTM Proprietary Blend (Indian Flower Head Extract + Mangosteen)**• Advantra Z® Bitter Orange • Green Tea extract ** these two ingredients combine to create a dual blend shown to simultaneously inhibit (prevent) fat deposits, while helping with fat breakdown and release. This clinical grade formulation is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. BalanceDiet uses trademarked ingredients in our products to deliver a more consistent quality than other standard quality fat burners found at supplement shops and grocery stores. Our formulators combined some of the most effective fat melting ingredients to create a complete formula for rapid fat loss and enhanced energy.
Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 420
Package quantity: 90
Condition: New

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