Body Fortress New Super Advancec Mass Gainer, Chocolate, 2.25 Pound, 36 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer was created especially for hard gainers who want to gain weight and pack on mass. This Chocolate flavored protein powder features 10 grams of BCAAs from 47 grams of protein, and less than 10% of calories from fat, since your workout goals are to pack inches onto your biceps, and not your waist. The specially selected nutrients in Super Mass Gainer are designed to meet your body's needs for both immediate and sustained energy and protein synthesis. In order to make serious gains, you need to train hard, get lots of rest, and take in plenty of key nutrients. Super Mass Gainer makes it easy to get the high quality protein, energy-packed carbs and essential nutrients that are important for a serious, intensive training program. Super Mass Gainer from Body Fortress helps you keep growing when others quit!
Dimensions: 640 x 840 x 1240
Package quantity: 2
Condition: New

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