Oenobiol Remodelant Nutritional Supplement Caps Pack of Three

• Indications : Stubborn plumpness on waist, stomach and hips. • Properties : contains a combination of Fitnol (slimming vegetal compound derived from Safflower oil) and chrome. Helps to reduce localized fat mass on waist, stomach and hips. Scientifically tested under medical supervision. Using validated body composition measurements, the results show : - a liporeducing effect on the waist size in centimetres after 6 weeks. - a localised fat mass loss stomach and hips after 12 weeks. • Recommended use : 4 to 6 pills per day, to be taken twice a day, during a meal, in a 3-month course of treatment. Slimming nutritional supplements must be taken in combination with a healthy diet and a reduced caloric intake. For your health, exercise regularly. SIZE: 60 CAPSULES
Dimensions: 224 x 256 x 669
Condition: New

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