Nordic Clinical's Nitric Oxide BloodBooster [60 capsules]. Support Blood Flow & Nitric Oxide Productions. Nitric Oxide Boosters promotes oxygen delivery to cells With Setria® Glutathione & SpectraTM

Better blood flow means better overall health. When your blood flows freely, it can do its job of nourishing all the organs and cells in your body. But when circulation is weak, organs decline in function and your heart must pump harder-increasing risk of cardiac events. No molecule does more for circulation than nitric oxide. In fact, nitric oxide is the primary mechanism that expands artery walls so they open up like floodgates. This keeps your blood moving unfettered. Unfortunately, most adults over 40 don't produce enough nitric oxide to achieve optimal circulation and health. Which is why N-O BloodBoost is such a smart choice. 4 ingredients powerhouses keep blood flowing freely L-Citrulline is at the heart of N-O BloodBoost. The primary raw material the body uses to produce N-O is an amino acid called arginine. Setria® Glutathione, a protein that cells use for detoxification, can boost the effects of L-citrulline. Trans-resveratrol, a more bio-active form, has been shown in research to produce vasodilation by increasing nitric oxide production SpectraTM is a antioxidant that protects N-O from the damaging effects of free radicals. By guarding against free radical attack, SpectraTM protects delicate N-O molecules from being broken down. A blend of over thirty fruits, vegetables and herbal extracts, SpectraTM provides the most comprehensive protection from oxidative stress that degrades nitric oxide in the body.
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