Alpha-Fibe "Original" ACD Fat Absorbing Slimming Fiber (180 Fast-Acting Capsules) 100% Pure Alpha-Cyclodextrin

Alpha-Fibe the Original Alpha-Cyclodextrin (ACD) "Fat Absorbing" Smart Target Slimming Fiber...Now in Advanced Fast-Acting Capsules! Alpha-Fibe is the original Alpha-Cyclodextrin (ACD) Slimming Fiber supplement for weight loss and better health. Bio-Form Essentials pioneered and brought to the worldwide market and Amazon this innovative Alpha-Cyclodextrin (ACD) fiber for weight loss and better health in 2007. Studied by the US Government's National Institutes of Health in 2008, and found to be a "Smart Fiber", this unique fiber absorbs 50 to 60 percent of the fat calories from the foods you you don't! Alpha-Fibe's "Smart Target" fat absorbing action surrounds and targets the fat in your meals & snacks and then safely absorbs and eliminates it. Clinical Studies prove that the Alpha-Cyclodextrin fiber (ACD) in Alpha-Fibe raises the key weight loss hormone adiponectin that breaks down and eliminates fat in the body. The outstanding benefits of this "Smart Fiber" were featured on ABC News & the Dr. OZ show. Alpha-Fibe is approved for daily consumption by the World Health Organization. Backed by Clinical Research and Proven Results! Alpha-Fibe...Smart, Easy, Effective, Weight Loss!! Here's How Alpha-Fibe Works to Promote Healthy Weight Loss and Better Health: Humans cannot absorb fat without it being digested first. In the small intestine, a digestive enzyme called lipase processes fat droplets into smaller fragments called fatty acids. These fatty acids are absorbed, than reassembled within the body to form fat. During the process of digestion, Alpha-Fibe coats the fat in a meal and interrupts its absorption. 2 capsules consumed with each meal or snack can eliminate up to 500 fat calories a day. You do not need to follow a special diet since the "Smart Target" fat absorption action by Alpha-Fibe makes the body believe it is on a diet. The more you use Alpha-Fibe the longer your body will be in a natural diet mode.
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Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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