04 Diet Booster - Pharmeceutical Grade CLA Fat Burner

BalanceDiet's CLA Diet Booster helps to burn body fat and increase lean muscle at rest. Why we love this product.... • Shown to effectively reduce fat accumulation • Stabilizes Cravings • 100% Natural • May Help to Reduce Cholesterol • No known contra-indications • Can be safely combined with other fat burners or supplements • Contains antioxidants and organic green tea extract • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Active Ingredients: BalanceDiet 04 Diet Booster is a high quality CLA blend. It provides a significant amount of (CLA) Conjugated Linoleic Acid combined with concentrated organically-grown Green Tea Extract, which helps to uncouple fat stores. Our 04 Diet Booster is formulated with natural CLA's combined with organic green tea extract, resulting in a high quality and effective fat melter. CLA's are known as Good Fats that trick your body into releasing bad fats. "It's a smart addition to any weight loss and health maintenance protocol. BalanceDiet is about healthy living. Our signature products are clinical grade, and made from the highest quality raw ingredients, under exacting manufacturing processes. Our products are for the purpose of helping our clients achieve weight loss and/or a balanced diet. Quality is checked and assayed multiple times during and after production. Our products are backed by science and have over 25 years in the consumer marketplace.
Dimensions: 570 x 870 x 1150
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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