Epicurus, Dry Hard Muscle Gains, 100% Natural, Myostatin Inhibitor, Strength/Recovery by Sparta Nutrition - 60 Caps

Epicurus revolves around "epicatechin", a flavanol found in cocoa seeds and green tea. Epicatechin has been around for centuries, known for its health benefits, however research shows that falvanol is useful for treating the decline of muscle mass, associate with strength, due to it's myostatin inhibition properties. The suppression of myostatin in the body results in titanic increases in muscle mass without the harmful side effects of anabolic steroids and prohormones. Epicatechin is also shown to protect against the loss of muscle, which indicates that users can experience longer lasting effects of increased gains. Epicatechin is also shown to reduce cardiovascular risk, enhance exercise capacity, increase oxidative capacity, and increase angiogenesis (the process, or creation of, blood vessel formation). Epicurus also contains green tea extract - a compound used to increase the bioavailability of Epicatechin, so it can be better utilized within the body. Combined with Tetrasorb DeliveryTM, Epicurus is the most superior Epicatechin product on the market.
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