Greens Plus - Chocolate Peanut Butter Natural Protein Bars, 2 Ounce Bars, 12 Count

Green + Peanut Butter and Chocolate, High Protein food Bar - 1g Omega-3 - 16g Whey Isolate For Optimum Energy - Superior Well-being - and Peak Performance Don't be fooled by junk food disguised as health food. Greens Plus combines organic Superfoods, 100% whey protein isolate, high energy herbal extracts and a little agave nectar to produce the only cold-processed, alkaline-forming, protein-rich, green food bar. The Greens Plus Protein Bar contains NO processed sugar, salt, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, synthetic sweeteners or genetically-modified foods of any kind. If you're hungry and short on time, grab a nutrient-rich Greens Plus Protein Bar NOW! The Greens Plus Protein Bar delivers low-glycemic carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and biologically-complete protein to help build lean muscle and balance the body's blood sugar. Perfect for athletes seeking an edge, students, travelers, children of all ages and anyone in need of optimum energy, superior well-being and peak performance.
Dimensions: 240 x 570 x 580
Package quantity: 12
Condition: New

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