PEScience Amino IV, Raspberry Grape, 30 servings, BCAA with EAAs and Electrolytes

Amino IV - The Most Versatile Amino Product We live in a day and age in which optimizing performance, recovery, and results are integral to every meal we eat and supplement we consume. We don't just consume post-workout protein and call it a day...we've learned from science that taking separate, free-form amino acids can give you an extra edge to take your progress to the next level. Amino IV: A BCAA product with added benefits to take it beyond just another BCAA. You spend all the time and money working hard and eating right...why sell yourself short on your essential supplements? High Leucine Content - 5 Grams per Serving! Countless research has shown that leucine is the key amino acid for activating muscle protein synthesis. Amounts as low as 1.8g (in combination with EAAs) have shown to be effective, with more commonly researched amounts around 2.5g (in combination with BCAAs), and the high amounts in the 3.6g range (alone, and in combination with EAAs). We don't mess around with Amino IV -- 5 grams of leucine per serving, and 30 servings per bottle makes Amino IV a cost effective leucine source, before we even get into the perks of the rest of the formula!
Dimensions: 370 x 370 x 614
Condition: New

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