Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel Medical Kit, pack of 5

Perfect for business travelers, frequent fliers, and anyone on the move, Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel Medical Kit delivers peace of mind when traveling far from home. Prepare for illness and injury while traveling to new environments with unknown risks. With enough supplies for up to two travelers on a trips lasting up to a week and a comprehensive travel first aid guide, stash this kit in a carry-on bag or day pack. Intuitively communicate ailments to non-English speaking medical personnel with the Visual Communication Tool, filled with information on describing pain, bites, location of injury, and more. Quickly grab the right materials for an injury from clearly labeled and organized Easy Care see-through compartments, and consult the included instruction cards for proper treatment procedures. This kit includes supplies for stomach ailments, wounds, blisters, fractures/sprains, and common medications.
Dimensions: 230 x 540 x 570
Size: 5
Package quantity: 5
Condition: New

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