Alpha Pro Nutrition VEX Pre Workout Powder, Explosive Energy with Acute Focus & ATP Generators, Fruits of Paradise, 30 Servings

VEX with Glucogenic Amino Acids and Green Coffee extract. VEX has taken a unique twist on pre-workouts and created an innovative formula designed to do much more than just give you quick energy VEX is a revolutionary pre-workout that will take the category to a new heights. It's innovative for what it contains but also for what it does not contain - it's creatine-free and beta-alanine free. Why? Creatine is certainly a time-tested and proven compound to be sure, but it's a very individual compound that many users prefer to cycle. If it's in your pre-workout, you can't cycle it. VEX also does not contain Beta-Alanine, another proven and popular compound. Why? Many users complain of the itchiness it causes - why use a product if it promotes side effects that distract you from your workout? So when you reach for your pre-workout, reach for innovation and real results - VEX by Alpha Pro Nutrition
Dimensions: 360 x 390 x 450
Size: 30 servings
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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