Platinum Labs - Essentials Beta Alanine 100 Servings 2000 mg. - 200 Grams

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Platinum Labs - Essentials Beta Alanine 100 Servings 2000 mg. - 200 Grams Platinum Labs Essentials Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring and widely used beta-amino acid renowned for its high intensity performance enhancing properties. Proven to boost muscular anaerobic endurance, add muscle mass and increase exercise capacity and aerobic endurance, beta alanine is an Essential supplement for phenomenal results. Reduce Fatigue Increase Endurance Reduce Lactic Acid Build-up Beta alanine earns its fame from its ability to increase muscle carnosine concentrations, one of your body’s main defences against fatigue during high intensity exertion. As you train, hydrogen ions build up in your muscles and inhibit their ability to function. But the greater your carnosine levels, the slower this build-up occurs, making glutamine the ideal supplement for boosting muscular anaerobic endurance in short-to-medium high intensity workouts. Increasing the carnosine concentration in your muscles can also increase your strength, lean muscle mass, power and endurance gains. It can also enhance the benefits of creatine, empowering even greater gains in lean body mass and reductions in body fat. Beta alanine is especially good for those who do not eat meat and for older adults whose natural levels of carnosine decline with age, allowing a healthier body and a more phenomenal physique, regardless of age and diet. Which Supplement Should You Take? There is no doubt that the health and fitness industry can be confusing these days, especially if you are someone who is looking to make a life change with exercise and nutrition or if you are just looking to take your current regimen to the next level. Every day, more and more people are being introduced to supplements whether it is through a friend, another member at the gym, or the biggest one, social media. All of those can lead to the question "Which should I take?" While choosing which supplements are best for you can be tough, it can also
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