FUEL Pre Workout (Jungle Juice)

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Color:Jungle Juice THE FORMULA Energy: Fuel has 180mg of caffeine in its formula. This may sound random but its carefully chosen due to the nature of college students and their broad array of pre workout usage. Its perfect for someone who does not want a full scoop and only wants 90mgs of caffeine (half scoop). Its also perfect for that stim junkie that wants to double scoop. 360mgs of caffeine is not too overwhelming and will not overpower you. Strength: Fuel has the most proven strength improving ingredient on the market, creatine. We went one step further and used the most proven form of creatine..creatine monohydrate. The next aspect of this formula was to increase the uptake of creatine in the body using the ingredient Betaine. Betaine and Creatine will improve recovery time, strength, and increase muscle mass. Stamina: We all know that famous tingling effect from pre workouts...what some people don’t know is that there is one ingredient that causes it - Beta-Alanine. This is actually buffering the lactic acid buildup in your body so that you can workout harder and longer. The problem is that when pre workouts have too much beta-alanine, it ruins the workout. CP Fuel uses 1.2g of Beta-Alanine which is just enough for you to feel it but not be too much. We also added the ingredient Niacin to heat up the body for preparation of a great workout and amplify the Beta-Alanine effect. Focus: This is the first aspect of Fuel where you notice a BIG difference. Once you finish sippin FUEL, you will notice tunnel vision beyond belief. You may be 30 minutes into your workout and not notice one other person in the gym due to being so focused. We used tyrosine, taurine and B-Phenyl together to really get you zero’d in. Pump: FUEL really gives you a one-of-a-kind experience in the aspect of its pump. The pump is for real with this product by using a very precise ratio of the proven Arginine, Citrulline, and Norvaline.
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