Terminal Shock by Scilabs Nutrition | Nitric oxide high energy Preworkout powder, Watermelon, 30 servings

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The new and reformulated Terminal Shock bringsyou a pre-workout formula formulated to increase your body energy and the intensity levels previous to physical effort and workouts. Terminal Shock is not the classic over caffeinated formula and "pixie dust" proprietary blends without any real value, but a powerful product formulated to lead competition in all it´s areas: focus, strength, push, energy levels and resistance. There is no need to combine 3 different products to obtain a perfect combo, here you have it all in one. - CLEAR LABEL - NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS, NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS. - 30 REAL SERVINGS for 30 amazing workouts. Brand New formula with no creatine - Higher energy and focus, more power and clean recovery. The new Terminal Shock was formulated with the most innovative ingredients in it´s clinical dosages to take your workout to a new energy and intensity level. Terminal Shock provides a complete clinical dosis (3.2g) of Beta Alanine in combination with a Nitric Oxide reactor that includes Agmantine Sulfate, Arginine, Beet Root extract and a big amount of Citrulline Malate. Using Terminal Shock your push and focus will rise a whole new level.
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