Lemon-Coconut Protein Bars. Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free (Vegan), Non-GMO. With Probiotics & Prebiotics for Healthy Digestion (12 Pack)

If you are looking for a quick fix after you have run or exercised, or any time during the day, our All DayTM bars are the best. They offer 15 grams of high quality protein from pea and hemp and 12 grams of fibre, making them ideal even for breakfast. YoFiit Nutritional bars provide a thoughtful nutrition and nothing as chaotic as what we have seen in the bar category. We felt there were a lot of "me too" products but nothing very convincing as to the "raison-d'être" of these products. There is nothing accidental about the design of our bars. Everything is based on science and how the bars help consumers achieve their desired outcome such as prote in and other nutrients in this case. We are the first company to use all the latest scientific findings about the benefits of a strong gut health to create an outcome oriented line of bars scientifically formulated with prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut. In addition, we imposed a hard cap of 5 grams of total sugar in our bars, primarily derived from date or fruit and brown rice syrup. We did not want to create a line of quasi candies with 15 or 20 g of sugar or resort to artificial sugar. Order Now, Risk Free Thanks to Our Money-Back Guarantee.
Dimensions: 201 x 598 x 874
Package quantity: 12
Condition: New

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