Sakara Energy Bars with 10g of Organic Hemp Protein, Nootropic L-Theanine and Vitamin B12, Dark Cacao flavor (Pack of 6)

This delicious bar may taste like a fudgy brownie with crunchy raw cacao nibs, but it is actually a nutrient-rich, energy-supplying powerhouse of a bar.  We combined raw cacao, which contains the compound Theobromine and affects the body similarly to caffeine without the negative side effects, with essential Vitamin B-12 and nootropic L-Theanine. The result is a delicious (and functional!) protein bar that helps deliver clear focus without the crash. Great for replacing your 3pm coffee or before hitting the gym. Or to toss in your bag in case you need something healthy to hold you over till your next meal.
Package quantity: 6
Condition: New

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