RSP Nootropic Pre Workout AMINOFOCUS, Turbo-Charged Energy & Limitless Focus, Naturally Flavored Pre Workout Powder for Men & Women, Creatine Free, Refreshing Blackberry Lemonade, 30-Servings

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WHAT IS IT?AminoFocus is the superior alternative to traditional pre-workouts, intra-workouts, and BCAA recovery formulas. WHAT DOES IT DO?AminoFocus has a number of purposes: it functions as a pre-workout if you're seeking an energy boost; it improves focus and cognition if you're trying to maximize your workouts as they're happening; and it expedites the recovery process before, during, and after a workout if you're trying to build lean muscle.HOW DOES IT WORK?AminoFocus makes use of several cutting-edge ingredients, namely:Amino Acids, which are the building blocks of protein. They play a vital role in supporting muscle recovery, metabolism, and fat loss.TeaCrine, which is a natural extract of tea leaves that uses adenosine blockers to decrease feelings of fatigue while elevating dopamine, thereby supporting positive mood and motivation. Unlike caffeine and traditional stimulants, TeaCrine is not addictive, meaning you can never develop a tolerance, and you will always feel energized.Caffeine (from Green Tea), which enhances mental focus and energy. It also increases cognition and reaction time, while contributing to fat loss by helping release fat cells and reduce fat storage.*Alpha-GPC, which is a naturally occurring phospholipid that plays a critical role in brain, nervous system, and muscle functioning. It improves mood and reaction time while assisting in the development of mind-muscle connection - an essential component of training.WHAT SETS AMINOFOCUS APART?AminoFocus is an extremely versatile supplement that can be taken before, during, or after a training session. Its energy blend, through its innovative use of TeaCrine, will leave you revitalized and refreshed for as long as six hours - and it will do so without the crash of a typical pre-workout. When you combine these energy boosters with the power of Alpha-GPC for focus and amino acids for recovery, you have yourself a healthy and safe energy, performance, and recovery supplement suited for any athlete of any experience level.
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