TranzLabs - Tranzfuse - All-in-One All Natural Dietary Supplement and Vitamins (20 pack)

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Tranzfuse is a potent supplement formulated to help with hydration, immunity, and mental replenishment. Tranzfuse is an overall wellness product catered to EDM festival goers, fitness enthusiasts, endurance athletes, dancers, and anyone who wants to feel 100%. That's why we designed our product to be a delicious and effective way to keep your electrolytes and essential nutrients in check. Our coconut water concentrate dosage is one of the most potent on the market, based on researched efficacious dosing. Our antioxidants, minerals, and electrolytes help with muscle soreness and hydration. Once the mind is depleted, the body will quickly follow. Our formulation helps replenish your mind and maintain cognitive function. Every serving is chock full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals you and your loved ones need to start-and finish-the day feeling healthy. What's the difference between Tranzfuse and: An Energy Drink? Tranzfuse differs from an energy drink because it contains no stimulants such as caffeine. With stimulants, your body has an initial spike in energy with a sudden crazy. Which places you in an even worse position from before. A Multivitamin? Compared to a multivitamin, Tranzfuse has efficacious dosages of its ingredients. We focus on the potency of ingredients versus the total number of ingredients included in the formula. You'd have to consume 20 servings(40 pills) of a multivitamin to match the same dose of Vitamin C in Tranzfuse. Sports Drinks? Sports drinks tend to have a lot of sugar in their formulation. They tend to have little to no ingredients for hydration, immunity or mental replenishment. You can technically eat a pixy stick or candy for the same result.
Dimensions: 380 x 520 x 550
Size: 20 pack
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