Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans Variety Pack 1 oz (28g) - Pack of 12 - Extreme Watermelon, Extreme Assorted Flavors, Extreme Pomegranate & Extreme Cherry (3 Packs of Each Flavor) Naturally Flavored (Boxed)

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WHAT ARE JELLY BELLY SPORTS BEANS? Sport BeansĀ® Energizing Jelly Beans are formulated to help fuel the body during intense exercise. Clinically proven to maximize sports performance, each bean is loaded with carbs for fuel, electrolytes to help maintain fluid balance and vitamins to optimize energy release and protect cells against oxidative damage. PORTABLE POWER When your workout needs a little more kick, there's Extreme Sport Beans. Each serving contains 50 mg of caffeine, about the same amount in a half a cup of brewed coffee, along with Sport Beans' clinically proven formula of carbohydrates, vitamins and electrolytes. And the delicious Cherry flavor will keep you refreshed throughout your exercise. JUST AS EFFECTIVE. Sports Beans Clinical Research Results Sports-formulated jelly beans were proven just as effective as popular sport drinks and gels in maintaining blood sugar levels and improving exercise performance among competitive endurance athletes who participated in a study by researchers from the University of California at Davis Sports Medicine program. Cyclists and triathletes in the study completed a series of four 10 kilometer time trials while ingesting three different kinds of carbohydrate supplements (Sport Beans jelly beans, sport drinks and gels) or water only. The athletes finished time trials 38 seconds faster with Sport Beans than with water and slightly faster than users of sport gels and drinks. In addition, the athletes consuming Sport Beans completed the time trials with the highest average "power outputs", the amount of force applied to the bicycle pedals to go faster, with Sports Beans. The study also showed that Sport Beans were just as effective as gels and sport drinks in maintaining blood glucose levels and improving exercise performance without causing a spike and crash.
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